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Guidelines for video pitching success.

  • Pitch only a completed manuscript. If an agent or editor requests a full manuscript, you want to be able to deliver the goods.
  • Edit your video. A sloppy, unedited video might signal to an agent that maybe your writing is also unedited.
  • Show some enthusiasm. If you don’t care about your writing, why should they?
  • Be mindful of lighting. No one wants to buy a manuscript from a mysterious deviant lurking in the shadows.
  • Be equally as mindful of your audio. Two tons of enthusiastic exuberance won’t do you a bit of good if the editor can’t hear what it is you’re excited about.
  • Keep it tight. Condensing your pitch to the essential information will reduce the length of your pitch. Agents and editors are insanely busy people. Limiting the length of your pitch will increase the number of industry professionals who have time to watch your video.
  • Don’t send links, videos or manuscripts to an agent or editor unless they request them. These are smart people. They know how to use a search bar.